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Welcome to Baba Bags

Setting a New Standard for Reusable Bags

Baba means grandma in Ukrainian. Our goal at Baba Bags is to treat our customers, our planet and our community with the same love, attention and care as your grandma would.


For our customers: Baba Bags are handmade in Ukraine from the highest quality cotton. These compact, stylish bags can hold over 120 pounds and come with a LIFETIME warranty. So get creative – push Baba’s boundaries!


For our community: Every Baba Bag is partnered with an impactful nonprofit. For every bag you buy we will donate two dollars to one of our non-profit partners to help you pay it forward.


For our planet: Consumers use 60,000 plastic bags every five seconds. Some end up in the ocean killing 100,000 marine animals and affecting 267 more species every year. In our first two years of business, our customers have saved an estimated 80,000 plastic bags from being used!  Use Baba Bags to help put a dent in these jarring statistics and push plastic bag use to extinction.


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