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The best way to show your support for Ukraine this summer!


Beautiful colors, symbolism and all profits go to Ukrainian nonprofit Misto Dobra. The Baba Bandana is made out of 100% cotton and is 22 inches by 22 inches


Symbols on Bandana:

- Sunflower: National Flower of Ukraine

- Tryzub: Ukrainian Coat of Arms

- Kalyna: National Plant of Ukraine

- Borders inspired by Ukrainian embroidery (vyshyvanka)


All of the profits for the Baba Bandana will go to Ukrainian nonprofit Misto Dobra( Misto Dobra houses, feeds & educates mothers and children who are homeless because of the war in Ukraine. Your money will go to humanitarian aid which includes food, clothes, medicine and other essentials for these mothers and children.


Use the Baba Bandana as a reminder to others that there is still a war going on in Ukraine and Ukraine still needs our help.



Baba Bandana

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