Baba Gift Wraps are one-of-a-kind gift wraps created by beautiful fabric we find throughout Chicago, IL and Norman, OK. We find material that is collecting dust and give it a new purpose and life as a sustainable way to give a special gift.

All of our gift wraps also come with a QR code where you can check-in and see on a map where your gift wrap has traveled before it got to you! When you buy a Baba Gift Wrap the first thing you should do is check-in on the map and save the map link so you can follow your gift wrap's journey around the world.

It is estimated 50,000 trees are cut down every year to make traditional wrapping paper. In addition, many wrapping papers cannot be recycled. This amounts to 4 million tons of wrapping paper ending up in landfills after every Christmas.


Wrap your gifts with love like a hug from Baba this Holiday season!

Gold Baba Gift Wrap

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$8.00Sale Price